Eduard Talamas

Warren Center Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Interest: Field of specialization is microeconomic theory. His most current work uses bargaining models to investigate how prices and allocations are determined in decentralized markets.


Daniel Genkin

Warren Center Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Interests: Cryptography and information security. I’m mostly interested in the interaction between theoretical cryptography and the real world reality. Recent works included side channel attacks on PCs, efficient secure multiparty computation protocols and succinct non-interactive arguments of knowledge


Chad Giusti

Warren Center Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Interests: Algebraic, computational and stochastic topology and their applications, particularly to the study of networks. Recent work involves development of a toolset for detecting the presence of structure (or randomness) in population organization from observations of member activity correlation.


William La Cava

Warren Center Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Interests: Evolutionary computation, genetic programming, population-based stochastic optimization techniques and their incorporation into distributed machine learning algorithms; analysis of metaheuristic algorithms using graph databases. Application areas include dynamical systems and computational genetics.


Chai Molina

Warren Center Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Interests: Chai is a postdoc in Erol Akçay’s lab researching international environmental agreements (IEAs), in collaboration with Ulf Dieckmann (IIASA), Elena Rovenskaya (IIASA), and Simon Levin (Princeton). He studies how differences between countries, and relationships between countries, affect the coalitions forming in IEAs and the gains they can achieve.


Bo Waggoner

Warren Center Postdoctoral Fellow

Research interests: Theoretical computer science and intersections with game theory and mechanism design. A focus on the value of information and how to elicit and aggregate it.

Former Fellows

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Maria Grith

Former Warren Center Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Interest: Financial Econometrics, Nonparametric Statistics, Functional Data Analysis, Theoretical and Empirical Asset Pricing. Recent work involves graphical models for high-dimensional time series and price formation in network markets.


Varun Jog

Former Warren Center Postdoctoral Fellow, now at the University of Wisconsin

Research Interests: Information theory, convex geometry, optimal transport, graphical models, and networks. Recent work involves studying large random graphs or networks, and deducing information about the nodes using the network structure.


Juliana Kwan

Former Warren Center Postdoctoral Fellow, now holds a fellowship at Kavli Center for Mathematics and Physics in Tokyo.

Research Interests: Cosmology of large scale structure, which involves running N-body simulations and analyzing statistics from galaxy surveys.



Jamie Morgenstern

Former Warren Center Postdoctoral Fellow, now at Gerogia Tech

Website: Personal Website

Research Interests: Designing mechanisms for machine learning which account for the privacy and economic incentives of users during data collection, learning, and decision making.


Mariann Ollar

Former Warren Center Postdoctoral Fellow, now at The University of Gronnigen

Research Interests: Market Design, Mechanism Design, Networks, Algorithmic Economics; the theory of divisible good auctions and informational properties of financial markets, the use of information about beliefs in mechanism design, the role of buyer-side networks in markets, consequences of privacy versus transparency in financial markets, product design in ad exchanges.

Ralf Schmaelzle, Universitaet Konstanz, Zukunftkolleg, 15.07.2010
Foto: Michael Latz

Ralf Schmaelzle

Former Warren Center Postdoctoral Fellow, now at Michigan State University

Research Interests: Brain network dynamics during natural stimulation; Mass communication about health/risk; Real-world neuroimaging; Recent work involves measuring neural responses to health messages and asking how similarly these are processed across the brains of audience members.


Grigory Yaroslavtsev

Former Warren Center Postdoctoral Fellow, now at Indiana University. 

Research Interests: Developing efficient combinatorial algorithms for sparsification, summarization and testing properties of large data, including: approximation, parallel, streaming and online algorithms; learning theory and property testing; communication and information complexity; private data release.