The science of networks
The art of understanding them

The Warren Center for Network & Data Sciences will foster research and innovation in interconnected social, economic and technological systems.

Armed with the quantitative excellence of the Penn School of Engineering & Applied Sciences, The Warren Center will reach across the University to build an interdisciplinary team of researchers, students and entrepreneurs. Together they will forge a new understanding of our networked world and the data that ultimately shapes it.

Upcoming Events

Workshop: Networks & Systemic Risk

Selman Erol and Rakesh Vohra have organized a very nice workshop on “Networks and Systemic Risk”, to be held all day …

Latest News

Some Recent Honors and Awards: Dani Bassette and Aaron Roth

Warren Center Admin

Now that the website has been revamped and will hopefully be a little bit more lively, two updates on honors …

Frank Diebold Book on Network Economics

Warren Center Admin

Our own WC faculty affiliate Frank Diebold has just published a timely and fascinating book on an important topic: connectedness …