The science of networks
The art of understanding them

The Mission

The Warren Center for Network & Data Sciences will foster research and innovation in interconnected social, economic and technological systems.

Armed with the quantitative excellence of the Penn School of Engineering & Applied Sciences, The Warren Center will reach across the University to build an interdisciplinary team of researchers, students and entrepreneurs. Together they will forge a new understanding of our networked world and the data that ultimately shapes it.


Frederick &
Robin Warren

Founding donor of The Warren Center for Network & Data Sciences and a University of Pennsylvania alumnus

Making true innovation possible.

Fred and Robin Warren have been early adopters of many successful inventions and ventures, helping shape the communities that foster innovation. Through the funding of The Warren Center, they plan to shape a community which fosters, inspires and leads innovation and new ventures.

"Penn Engineering's steadfast commitment to innovation is what keeps me engaged with Penn. We hope that The Warren Center will become the premiere academic and technology incubator of its kind."

Frederick J. Warren, ME'60, WG'61