Center Events

Warren Center Distinguished Lecture: Mason A. Porter

November 5, 2015 | 1:00 pm Glandt Form, Singh Center

Mason A. Porter
Professor of Nonlinear and Complex Systems
Oxford Centre for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
Mathematical Institute
University of Oxford

Title: Multilayer Networks

Abstract: In most natural, social, and engineered systems, a set of entities interact with each other in complicated patterns that can encompass multiple types of relationships, change in time, and include other types of complications. Such systems include multiple subsystems and layers of connectivity, and it is important to take such ‘multilayer’ features into account to try to improve our understanding of complex systems. Consequently, it is necessary to generalize ‘traditional’ network theory by developing (and validating) a framework and associated tools to study multilayer systems in a comprehensive fashion. The origins of such efforts date back several decades and arose in multiple disciplines, and now the study of multilayer networks has become one of the most important areas of network science. In this talk, I’ll give an introduction to multilayer networks and go through some highlights of my group’s recent and current efforts.