Who we are

The Warren Center for Network & Data Sciences is an incubator of forward-thinking research, culturally impactful innovation, and potent interdisciplinary collaboration that challenges how the world views technology.

High-caliber faculty members from across the university have a place to centralize, share and develop their wide range of approaches to network science – from economics to sociology to cryptography and more. Here, the brightest data-centric minds at Penn spearhead collaborative research projects, generating collective solutions from once disparate schools of thought.

The Warren Center will also feature a series of events that highlight leading thinkers and cutting-edge developments in the field. Systems unto themselves, these gatherings and lectures connect researchers, students and entrepreneurs across the spectrum of network science, uniting them in the pursuit of knowledge and impact.

The incredible cabinet of resources available to The Warren Center most importantly lets us invest in research that we truly believe in – research that can shape everything from culture and commerce to medicine and technology, applying what we know about network science to improving life for us all.


Frederick &
Robin Warren

Founding donor of The Warren Center for Network & Data Sciences and a University of Pennsylvania alumnus

Making true innovation possible.

Fred and Robin Warren have been early adopters of many successful inventions and ventures, helping shape the communities that foster innovation. Through the funding of The Warren Center, they plan to shape a community which fosters, inspires and leads innovation and new ventures.

"Penn Engineering's steadfast commitment to innovation is what keeps me engaged with Penn. We hope that The Warren Center will become the premiere academic and technology incubator of its kind."

Frederick J. Warren, ME'60, WG'61

In their words

  • "The Warren Center brings together high-caliber researchers from statistics, economics, sociology and more. Each of them is dedicated to learning and research, not just what "their field" dictates."

    Mallesh Pai Assistant Professor of Economics

  • "If the Warren Center could be a place that top graduate students and top post-docs in each of these areas could come to work, I think this would maybe set off a Golden Age of Information Science. "

    Aaron Roth Assistant Professor of Computer Science

  • "The tools of any single academic discipline are woefully insufficient to understand our modern technological world and the artifacts that the Internet has created - and the impact it had on society at large."

    Michael Kearns Founding Director

  • "The Warren Center will be a place where people can think about the future, about the application of the Internet and communications in their lives, and how all of that can impact other people and create our ability to see ourselves as part of a greater whole."

    Fred Warren Founding Donor