Warren Center Fall Welcome and Update

Dear Colleagues and Friends —

We hope all of you had a relaxing and/or productive summer, and are finding re-entry into the Fall semester not overly traumatic. This is our first Fall update email to all Warren Center affiliates and Fellows, so there’s a lot to catch up on. It’s going to be a busy term with lots of exciting events.

First, and most time-sensitive: many of you will recall that last October, we held a wildly successful “Meet and Greet” event for all Warren Center members. We’re doing the same shortly, with the same cozy format: a rapid series of very short (10 minutes), high-level overviews of people’s research interests, followed by a nice reception. The date for this event has been set for the afternoon of November 16th, 2016 , which is not far away, and the venue will be the Glandt Forum in the Singh Center for Nanotechnology, the spectacular new building on Walnut a little bit below 33rd Street. As with the last Meet and Greet, we are seeking volunteers from our faculty affiliates and postdoctoral fellows to present your interests… please do so ASAP to Cheryl Hickey at

…and we will be starting to craft a more detailed agenda, with updates to follow, including registration information for those who just want to attend but not speak. Please let Cheryl know of your interest in speaking/presenting by October 21st. 2016; we will send out reminders.

Our Postdoctoral Fellow program is one of the most important and vibrant uses of Warren Center resources. We’re psyched to welcome four new Fellows this term:

William La Cava: Bill’s appointment is with the Epistasis Lab in the Institute for Biomedical Informatics. He received his doctorate from UMass Amherst.

Chai Molina: Chai is a postdoc in biology, and is joining us from his doctoral studies at McMaster University.

Bo Waggoner: Bo is joining CIS having recently received his PhD from Harvard.

Daniel Genkin: Daniel is jointly appointed between CIS (UPenn) and CS (UMD). He is joining us from his doctoral studies at the Technion — Israel Institute of Technology.

More exciting news…we are pleased to welcome three new faculty affiliates:

Benjamin Connault: Assistant Professor of Economics

Sarah Moshary: Assistant Professor of Economics

Aviv Nevo: Professor of Economics

We’ll send out reminders for each event as it approaches, but meanwhile please volunteer for the Meet and Greet Nov. 16th!

Best and Happy Fall,
Michael Kearns and Rakesh Vohra
Warren Center Directors