Some More Updates

| February 27, 2015

All, another round of quick Warren Center updates. First, quick reminder of Matt Jackson’s talk on Tuesday:

Afterwards there will be a wine and appetizers reception so we can all catch up with each other a bit.

As promised, the website has been revamped a bit. The link is the same:

The landing page and other areas have been streamlined a bit, and we now have threads for “events” and “news” that we’ll keep up to date. The main innovation is that site admin is now in my direct control (for better or worse). If you have news or events you think are broad and relevant enough for posting, please send them to me directly. I also remind that I *believe* all Warren Center affiliates (=recipients of this message) can post directly to this mailing list (let me know if you are not able to do so). Please only post items of direct and broad interest to the center; if you’re unsure feel free to run it by me first.

We’re happy to announce a new cohort of Warren Center faculty affiliates:

Brett Hemenway (computer science)

Camilo García-Jimeno (economics)

Po-Ling Loh (statistics)

Jason Moore (bioinformatics)

Elchanan Mossel (statistics, computer science)

Diana Mutz (political science)

Hopefully some of them will be at Tuesday’s talk and reception.

That’s all for now — just remember, we’re still looking for suggested speakers, workshops, events, etc.