Meet and Greet 2018 recordings

The 2018 Warren Center Meet and Greet took place Tuesday, February 20th from 1-6 pm at the Kislak Center. Below are the recordings of the talks.

Robin Pemantle, “Deletion channel”

Tom Baker, “Regulating Robo Advisors: Can law professors and computer scientists find shared research interests?”

Junhyong Kim, “What is the geometry of single cell biological data?”

Konrad Kording, “How to put causality back into neuroscience”

Michael Kearns, “Preventing Fairness Gerrymandering in Machine Learning”

Eleni Katifori, “Detangling the vascular web”

Kevin Werbach, “Blockchain as a New Architecture of Trust”

Bhuvnesh Jain, “The shapes and edges of dark matter halos, or how we detect subtle astrophysical features”

Shane T. Jensen, “Quantitative Analysis of Urban Data”