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Warren Center Meet and Greet Event

October 13, 2015 | Glandt Forum Singh Center for Nanotechnology

OCTOBER 13, 2015
Glandt Forum
Singh Center for Nanotechnology
3205 Walnut Street  right below 33rd Street.

This is an RSVP Event only. If you are able to attend please email
Cheryl by Oct 9th:

Event Schedule

1:00 Coffee and Pastries

1:10   Michael Kearns, (Computer and Information Science)
“Privacy for the Protected (Only)”

1:20   Po-Ling Loh, (Wharton, Statistics)
“Diffusion Source Estimators in d-Regular Trees”

1:30   Elchanan Mossel (Wharton, Statistics)
“Shotgun Assembly of Graphs”

1:40   Grigory Yaroslavtsev (Computer and Information Science)
“Algorithms for MapReduce and Beyond”

1:50   Robin Pemantle, (Mathematics)
“Fun Things to do with Closed Caption Text Streams”

2:00   Mariann Ollar, (Economics and CIS),
“Data Disclosure Policies and Market Design”

2:10 Ralf Schmaelzle(Annenberg)
“Collective Brain Dynamics During the Reception of
Mass-Media Health Messages”

2:20   Erol Akcay, (Biology)
“Evolution of Social Structure, Behavior, and Species Interactions”

2:30  Tom Baker, (Law)
“The Regulation of Automated Advisors and Other Topics at the
Intersection of Law and  Machine Learning”

2:40 – 2:55 Coffee Break

3:00   Andreas Haeberlen, (Computer and Information Science)
“Distributed Differential Privacy”

3:10   Frank Diebold, (Economics and Wharton, Finance)
“Assessing Point Forecast Accuracy by Stochastic Error Distance”

3:20   Varun Jog, (Wharton, Statistics)
“Recovering Communities in Weighted Stochastic Block Models”

3:30   Rakesh Vohra,  (Economics and Electrical and Systems Engineering)
“Networks and Systemic Risk”

3:40   Junhyong Kim, (Biology)
“Evolutionary Tree Graphs”

3:50   Zack Ives, (Computer and Information Science)
“Data Provenance: A Different Kind of Networked Data”

4:00   Bhuvnesh Jain, (Physics)
“Mapping Mass and Light in Cosmology”

4:10   Maria Grith, (Economics and CIS)
“Reference Dependent Preferences and the Empirical
Pricing Kernel Puzzle”

4:20  Damon Centola, (Annenberg),
“Online Social Experiments”

4:30 Reception