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Warren Center Meet and Greet Event

November 16, 2016 | Glandt Forum Singh Center for Nanotechnology

NOVEMBER 16th, 2016
Glandt Forum
Singh Center for Nanotechnology
3205 Walnut Street  right below 33rd Street.

This is an RSVP Event only. If you are able to attend please email Cheryl by Oct 21st


1:00 Coffee and Pastries

1:30   Michael Kearns        Opening remarks

1:40   Peter S Fader            “Customer-based corporate valuation”

1:50  Damon Centola         “Social Networks and the Dynamics of Collective Intelligence.”

2:00   Richard Berk            “Algorithmic Forecasts of Criminal Behavior”

2:10  Kevin Werbach          “Big Data, Big Responsibilities”

2:20  Mike Javis                  “Characterizing the impact of the atmosphere on the shapes of galaxies”

2:40 ­ 2:55 Coffee Break

3:00  Raghuram Iyengar     “Marketing actions and field experiments”

3:10  Sarah Moshary            “Pricing & Regulation”

3:20  Aaron Roth                  “Fairness in Machine Learning”

3:30  Ezekiel Dixon-Roman  “Ubiquitous Algorithmic Reasoning & the Reconfiguring of Society”.

3:40  William La Cava        “Feature learning for biomedical data”

3:50  Aviv Nevo                   “Data, Consumer Choice and Public Policy”

4:00  Ben Connault            “Structural Dynamic Models in Econometrics”

4:15  Reception