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Cosmology in the Era of Big Data

June 16, 2014 | David Rittenhouse Labs, room A6

As part of the Warren Speaker series, Andrew Connolly will give a talk at 3 pm on June 16 in David Rittenhouse Laboratory, room A6.

Cosmology in the Era of Big Data
Department of Sociology, Department of Information Science,
University of Washington at Seattle

With the development of new detectors, telescopes and computational facilities, astrophysics has entered an era of data intensive science. During the last decade, astronomers have surveyed the sky across many decades of the electromagnetic spectrum, collecting hundreds of terabytes of astronomical images for hundreds of millions of sources.

Over the next decade, data volumes will reach tens of petabytes, and provide accurate
measurements for billions of sources. In this talk I will discuss some of practical statistical challenges that we face when analyzing data that, while massive in size, is intrinsically noisy and incomplete. I will show how, by combining compression and dimensionality reduction techniques with our knowledge of the underlying astrophysics, we can overcome some these challenges and address questions as diverse as the detection of potentially Earth impacting asteroids through to the nature of dark energy and dark matter.

Organized by Bhuvnesh Jain.

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